Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mediterranean Za'atar Salad

We've pretty much had the most perfect weather imaginable today. I've spent most of the day outdoors sunning myself, journaling in my baby book, gardening and chasing Mimi around. Unfortunately, I had a routine doctors appointment today which involved fasting and drinking a lemon-lime drink that tasted like flat 7-up. Bleck!! Then I had to sit in the waiting room for a solid hour, which was torture because I kept looking outdoors thinking about the amazing weather.

Yesterday was a different story though folks. It was HOT. I mean as soon as you stepped outside you were sweating. So we loaded up in the car, with the AC on full blast and made a quick trip to the farmer's market to buy a huge box of peaches (oh my goodness, the poor people there were drenched in sweat). I have to freeze them later once they ripen up a bit.

I'm seeing a peach pie post in my future. :)

For now though, I'm going to share a Mediterranean salad with you. I used a za'atar spice blend that I bought from a fancy schmancy spice store. I plan to make my own blend and post the recipe, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will though, promise!!

Mediterranean Za'tar Salad
Serving Size = 4
Original Recipe
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 large cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 cup or so of green olives
  • 3 teaspoons za'atar blend
  • 1 teaspoon sumac
  • 2 tablespoons or so of cilantro, roughly chopped
  • Roughly 2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt/Pepper to taste
  1. In a small skillet over medium heat add the olive oil, garlic and za'atar. Cook for a few seconds, until the garlic becomes fragrant. Remove from burner and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, place all of the veggies, cilantro and sumac. Mix well. Add the oil mixture (should have cooled off a bit by now). Add salt/pepper to taste. Mix well and serve.


Candace said...

This salad looks delicious and refreshing! I am looking forward to your recipe for making za'atar. I've been seeing that used more and more; but, I haven't found it or sumac available locally.

Kate said...

@ Candance...check (they also have a store in Indianapolis and other places).
@elsa, I made blueberry poppy seed lemon pancakes the other morning and they were awesome. I thought of you and wanted to blog them but it's hard to take pictures when attempting to get ready for work. haha

Elsa said...

When I can't find a spice I need, or blend, I go here:
Hope this helps! But if you can't find sumac, I really wouldn't worry about it. It doesn't add a LOT to the dish, just a lemon flavor. You can sub it out with a squeeze of lemon juice. :)

And I love pancakes! Maybe next time! :)

kitchen flavours said...

Your salad looks so refreshing! I love the sound of the Mediterranean spice, never tried it before, but it sounds good!
And I'm drooling over your box of beautiful gorgeous peaches! Envy..envy..!! :)

France@beyondthepeel said...

I love sumac and za'atar. What a great salad. Those 2 spices add such a unique flavor to anything. It reminds me to start using this beautiful spice again!

Brenda said...

I've never used sumac or za'atar but I love trying new spices. We have a "bulk barn" near us that sells every spice imaginable so I bet I could find them there. This looks so refreshing - perfect for this weather we've been having!

Marguerite said...

Your salad looks so delicious and those peaches are gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by!

KB said...

Looks delish.

We'd love you to share your recipes with us at
Simply Delish Saturday

Miz Helen said...

I just love the combination of tomato and cucumber mixed with great summer veggies. This looks like an awesome salad that we will really enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you again real soon. Hope you are having a great week!
Miz Helen

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